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This is Deborah! All-round Singer | Songwriter and performer who travels the world with her music. She writes popular Americana songs with a touch of rock n roll and country. She writes about her travels, pursuing dreams and about the funny struggles her generation has to overcome in this ever more digital world. You could say she is a gentle rebel. With her music she wants to inspire people to be them selves, to be in the moment, to love and enjoy life as it comes.
Deborah started singing and playing the piano as a child and she continued doing so. After completing music school her career started touring in professional theatre shows in the Benelux, she toured with national and international artists, was a lead-vocalist in all sorts of bands and her latest success was on the tv show “The Voice”.
Five years ago she started pursuing her big dream by playing the guitar and writing her own English songs. From the heart. Inspired by Fleetwood mac, Allison Kraus and Shania Twain she started to find her own sound, style and voice. All in preparation of her debut album she is recording as we speak.

For this album she got to work with songwriters such as Don Mescall and her Album is produced in London with Award winning producers. She worked with musicians such as Patrick Drabe, Eric van de Bovenkamp (The Netherlands) and Schalk Joubert (South Africa).

Deborah will release her debut single spring ’19 and will perform on music festivals in the UK and the Netherlands. Followed by a club tour and theatre shows. In the beginning of 2020 she will finish the full album to release next year. Follow her for new info!